Gaylene PrestonYour Real Estate Expert!

Whether you’re buying or selling property, let me start working for you right now! My passion and purpose are to serve as your advocate based on your wants and needs. I bring many years of negotiating experience to the table with a proven track record of getting the best price possible for my clients.

My 27+ years of industry experience includes serving as a professional Real Estate Broker, a Certified Residential Appraiser, a Real Estate Investor, AND Fixing and Flipping homes which I take great pride in since I even enjoy doing some of the “heavy-lifting” myself. Given my years of combined knowledge and experience, my clients KNOW they will receive Best-in-Class service, Top Dollar for their home, a Wide Variety of new properties to choose from, and the Best Negotiated Price on any new home selected for purchase.

Personal History & Experience

A few years back, I decided to concentrate on my own Income Properties and step away from helping clients. Since then, I found myself truly missing the day-to-day dealings involved with serving in the Real Estate industry. This is when I intentionally decided to get back to doing what I love most, helping people.
I have a deep understanding of the local market being a native since 1964. I always know current economic conditions and new developments impacting property values. Therefore, I am confident in my ability to make excellent low-cost suggestions for the best way to significantly improve your home’s appeal to buyers due to my years of knowledge and experience.